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TN-100 Rug Adhesive | Rug Glue | 1 Qt (946 ml)

Product description

The rug adhesive TN-100 is used as a first layer for gluing yarn threads to a primary rug backing. It can also be used for punch needle, woven projects or simply to reduce slippage on an old rug. This rug glue is specially formulated for handmade rug finishing. Its durability and flexibility make it a coveted product by rug makers. It is safe for all types of yarn, natural or synthetic backings, and any flooring surfaces including heated floors. If properly applied, this superior quality adhesive will ensure you that your rug will last forever without any deformation. This glue will never become stiff and will not crumble. Once dry, it stays flexible and act as a superior quality non-slip underlay.

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► With your rug firmly hung to your tufting frame, apply a coat of glue TN-100 with a paint roller or a disposable brush. An even pressure on your roller will ensure a correct and proper distribution of the glue. Do not apply too much pressure as it would only make the glue to penetrate too deeply into the yarn. The ideal penetration level is determined by the density of your tufting fabric, the number of threads used, and how tight your stitches are. The perfect pressure should allow the glue to penetrate slightly thru the primary backing in order to adequately bond it with the yarn base.

► Allow the latex to dry for 12 to 36 hours before unhooking and handling your final piece.

► If you wish to add a secondary backing to your rug, in order to make it stronger and extend its longevity, we recommend to use the glue TN-200 as a second layer.

IMPORTANT: Use in a well ventilated space. The smell of the glue will dissipate as it dries. Keep this product above 15º C or 60º F. Shelf life of 3 to 6 months from shipping date.

NOTE: We recommend to test this product on a small surface before using it on a larger scale project. This product contain Latex. People suffering from allergies to latex should take proper measures to ensure their safety.

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➤ Ingredients: Natural Latex

➤ Consistency: Fluid

➤ Size: 1 Quart (946 ml)

➤ Environmentally Friendly and No VOCs

➤ Odor level: very mild ammonia

➤ Drying Time: 12 to 36 hours

➤ Coverage**:  1 Quart =  25 to 60 sq.ft. 

**Disclaimer: it will depend on how thickly you apply the latex, along with the type of material you are applying it to**

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