TN-1 Tufting Starter kit including a tufting machine, a tufting frame and 1 yard of tufting fabric | TuftingNation Canada
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TN-1 Tufting Kit | Tufting Gun + Tufting Frame +Tufting Cloth

Select Frame Size: TN-1 Tufting Kit with MEDIUM Frame ( 33.75" X 30" )
TN-1 Tufting Kit with MEDIUM Frame ( 33.75" X 30" )
TN-1 Tufting Kit with LARGE Frame ( 44.5" X 30" )
Product description

Our TN-1 Tufting Kit is perfect for beginner and intermediate rug tufters. This starter kit includes an easy self assembly wooden table top Tufting Frame, a cut & loop TN-1 Tufting Gun, 1 yard of Tufting Cloth and more!

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The TN-1 Tufting Kit for rug making contains the essential equipment to start your journey into the rug tufting world. Avoid paying multiple delivery charges or dealing with different suppliers to gather all your tools. Instead, opt for a ready-to-use starter kit including the tools you need to get started. This tufting kit includes a 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect on the TN-1 tufting machine.


- One TN-1 Cut and Loop pile Tufting Gun with all its accessories (yarn threader, Duckbill Scissors, hook, manual, etc.) stored in a nice TuftingNation Cardboard box

- One wooden table top Tufting Frame available in two different sizes: Medium (33 3/4" X 30") -OR- Large (44 1/2" X 30"), with 2 integrated yarn holder, 2 yarn eyelet and 2 "C" Clamps to attach your frame to a table

- 1 full yard of tufting Cloth, (Premium OR Standard depending of availability).

- 12 Months Warranty against manufacturing defect on the TN-1 tufting gun (shipping excluded)

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TUFTING FRAME : Lightweight and very easy to assemble, this tufting frame is made of thick and sturdy 2" x 4" studs, featuring two rows of tack strips which provides more gripping power. Each wood pieces have integrated grooves giving each frame a superior structural strength. These small details make the difference and allows you to have a perfect drum tight tufting cloth and a seamless tufting experience.

TUFTING CLOTH (Premium or Standard depending on availability ): With one single yard of our tufting fabric, you can fill the medium tufting frame 5 times (Premium) or 4 times (Standard) without any leftovers, and you can fill the large tufting frame 4 times (Premium) or 3 times (Standard), so more bang for your bucks! After you try it, you’ll never go back.  

TUFTING GUN : Our TN-I Cut and Loop Tufting Gun is perfect for beginner and intermediate tufters. It is made with high gage steel, and higher grades wires and connectors for a longer lifespan.

If you have any questions regarding this starter kit, feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to help you out.

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